• Disney Star Wars Collection
    Star Wars Collection includes: Star Wars Battlefront II, Stars Wars Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Jedi Knight : Dark Forces II, Stars Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy, Stars Wars Jedi Knight : Mysteries of the Sith, Stars Wars Republic Commando, Stars Wars Starfighter, Stars Wars The Clone Wars : Republic Heroes, Stars Wars The Force Unleashed : Ultimate Sith Edition, Stars Wars The Force Unleashed II, Stars Wars : Dark Forces, Stars Wars Empire at War : Gold Pack, Stars Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II.
    15,50 €
  • Disney LEGO Star Wars III : The Clone Wars
    The beloved and critically acclaimed LEGO® Star Wars™ franchise is back. LEGO Star Wars III:The Clone Wars, combines the epic stories and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe and hit animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ with all new gameplay features. Players will enjoy brand new game mechanics allowing them to create, control and explore in a galaxy far, far away like never before.
    3,12 €
  • Aspyr Media, Inc Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy
    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the latest installment of the highly acclaimed Jedi Knight series. Take on the role of a new student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Interact with famous Star Wars characters in many classic Star Wars locations as you face the ultimate choice: fight for good and freedom on the light side or follow the path of power and evil to the dark side.
    1,24 €
  • TheDecoFactory STAR WARS RETRO
    Commémorer l'épopée Star Wars avec un style vintage grâce au Sticker géant Star Wars Retro. Il est le décor parfait pour représenter la saga légendaire Star Wars dans une chambre de tous les fans. Rapide et facile à poser, 1 planche de 61x91cm de 1 grand Sticker de 89x57cm de haut repositionnable et réutilisable. En matière vinyle fin et flexible de haute qualité, ces Stickers sont imperméables et faciles à nettoyer. En quelques minutes, ils adhèrent parfaitement sur toutes surfaces lisses, ils ne laissent aucune trace collante.
    29,90 €
  • TheDecoFactory STAR WARS HAN SOLO
    Ajouter une action Star Wars à vos murs avec ce Stickers géant mural de Han Solo. Un excellent choix pour les fans de tout âge, ou pour les collectionneurs qui veulent ajouter des éléments de décoration amusants sur leurs murs ! Rapide et facile à poser, 2 planches de 46x102cm et 23x102cm d'un total de 10 Stickers repositionnables et réutilisables (taille réelle assemblée 145x65cm de haut). En matière vinyle fin et flexible de haute qualité, ces Stickers sont imperméables et faciles à nettoyer. En quelques minutes, ils adhèrent parfaitement sur toutes surfaces lisses, ils ne laissent aucune trace collante.
    24,90 €


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  • Bubblebee The Big Windbubble noir
    Bubblebee The Big Windbubble, Bonnette antivent, Idéal pour atténuer fortement le bruit du vent, Convient pour les micros à main DPA D:Facto, Beyerdynamic M58, M59 et MCE58, Sennheiser Evolution Series et MD-46, Convient pour microphones des dimensions de 10 cm x 5,2 cm, Couleur: noir, BBI-BWB-BK
  • Flux Evo Series Pack
    Flux Evo Series Pack, Plug-In Bundle (download), Package with the complete EVO collection consisting of five innovative plug-ins, EVO Drive System in all plug-ins ensures lively sound, Support for multi-channel formats such as Dolby Atmos up to 10 and Ambisonics up to 16 channels as well as DXD audio up to 384 kHz@+@+*EVO Channel:*@+@+, Innovative channel strip with all important audio editing tools, Input section with drive parameters, Phase correction for track recording, 4-Band parametric EQ with additional hi- and low-shelf EQs as well as hi- and low-cut filters, Built-in spectrum analyser, Variable compressor section, Touch module with 7 different processes such as DeEsser, Expander, Transient and Sustain Designer, Variable module order@+@+*EVO In:*@+@+, Novel phase correction, Especially suitable for multi-track recordings in multi-microphone technology, e.g. for drums@+@+*EVO EQ:*@+@+, No-frills parametric 4-band EQ with complementary hi- and low-shelf EQs as well as hi- and low-cut filters with variable slope (6-24 dB/oct.), Built-in spectrum analyser for quick EQ adjustment@+@+*EVO Compressor:*@+@+, Variable compressor with 9 different modes and parallel compression, Classic parameter set with manual control times as well as switchable auto-release@+@+*EVO Touch:*@+@+, Provides seven different editing processes such as DeEsser, Expander, Transient and Sustain Designer
  • 2019 Francis Ford Coppola Winery Diamond Collection Zinfandel
    Delicious 3.9 star wine from California. A Californian Zinfandel with 154 ratings from the Vivino community.
  • Furutech gtx-d ncf (r)
    Furutech GTX-D NCF(R)GTX-D NCF(R) Furutech's Ultimate AC Receptacle Series   -Videos- RATINGGTX-D NCF(R) - 20A 125V Suggested max. torque setting for the polarity screws of the GTX-D series is 12Kg?cm / 10 inch-pounds / 117 centiNewton meters Using a PH2 “+”type screwdriverFEATURESFurutech's Top-Tier GTX–D NCF Receptacles... Refinement has a New Name... Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF) - Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder Incorporated into select Furutech products, Nano Crystal² Formula --- NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two “active” properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static and secondly, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material – only found in Furutech products! The Pure Transmission Mission The GTX-D NCF manifests a devotion to best performance in every element of AC and signal transfer. Considering that what you actually hear is in a very real sense the direct product of the incoming AC then the final few feet are of prime importance for best performance. Of course everyone would love to make pure-copper receptacles, but its malleability – lack of stiffness – makes pure copper a poor choice. That's why you'll find less conductive metals like beryllium copper, phosphor bronze or brass in most receptacles. Furutech's intense engineering scrutiny has resulted in an industry-first, a technique allowing us to use special Furutech rhodium-plated α (Alpha) pure copper conductors strengthened and sprung by our innovative nonmagnetic Stainless Steel Conductor Spring System that keeps a firm grip yet won't damage male connector blades or their plated surfaces. But what really sets the GTX-D NCF receptacle apart is “NCF” – Furutech's ultimate damping material - Nano Crystal² Formula eliminates static, “interconverts” thermal, mechanical and electrical energy and damps vibrations. The GTX-D NCF can be summed up in a word; virtuoso! SPECIFICATIONS- Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) Pure Copper Conductor (0.8mm) Nonmagnetic stainless conductor spring system - Body material: Nylon/fiberglass with anti-resonance nano-sized crystalline, piezo ceramic particles and carbon. - Cover material: Polycarbonate with a special anti-resonance nano-sized crystalline material “NCF” - Parts set with nonmagnetic 2.0mm-thick stainless brace plate - Specified for wire diameters of 4mm (set screw) - Dimensions: 104.0 mm (L) x 47.2 mm (W) x 28.0 mm (H) - Total attention to detail and build quality extends right down to a specially designed patent-pending conductor pressure plate that increases contact area - Furutech spade terminal FP-209 recommended for 10 AWG wire